The Complete Zeitgeist 2019 – Edition 3

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The Complete Zeitgeist 2019 – Edition 3

The third edition of our annual report, The Complete Zeitgeist is now available to download.

The Complete Zeitgeist covers a wide range of new topics relating to the real estate market such as Client Money Protection, Furnishing, Gas (safety certificates), Licencing and Legislation, the Tenant Fee Act and X (marks the spot).

Literally Translating to ‘Spirit of the now’ the Complete Zeitgeist 2019 provide a bite-sized A-Z of all thing residential asset investment, from legal and tax requirements in letting your investment property, to choosing a lettings and property managements agent, handover and licencing and legislation obligations.

The Complete Zeitgeist 2019 provides creative yet timely, valuable insights on a number of factors that residential real estate investors and landlords need to consider in developing and managing their portfolio.

You can download your copy of The Complete Zeitgeist today, by completing the below contact form.

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