Litoral Living

Porto, Portugal

A Closer Look

The Development

Litoral Living is a closed condominium featuring an interior garden, spanning across 5 blocks housing 66 apartments, 10 houses, and 1 restaurant. Nestled in an exceptional location, the development harmoniously combines modernism, green spaces, and proximity to both the sea and the city.

The Location

Litoral Living is conveniently located, with a 1-minute walk to the nearest bus stop, a 9-minute walk to the Metro line, 5 minutes to grocery stores, and 7 minutes to Matosinhos Beach.

Porto’s technology sector is thriving, attracting a burgeoning community of skilled professionals and students. Recognised as Europe’s ‘Best Start-Up Friendly City’ in 2018, Porto has surpassed all other Portuguese cities in filing patents with the EU.

It stands at the forefront of technological start-up creation, contributing to 36% of the national total, and hosts some of the country’s premier high-tech firms, including Farfetch, BLIP, Critical Software, Feedzai, Talkdesk, and Veniam.

Investment Case Overview

Porto, with a population of 1.7 million residents, has experienced a year-on-year GDP growth of 11.2%, contributing to 16.1% of the national GDP. House prices in Porto have nearly doubled since 2017. Following a period of negative growth before 2011, substantial public spending greatly benefited the Porto Vivo regeneration program.

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