Top 5 Companies for Buying International Property

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Top 5 Companies for Buying International Property

For generations, investing in property has held a reputation as a reliable and rewarding path to building wealth across the globe. In strategic markets, carefully chosen properties can even outperform many popular global stock markets. Unlike some investments known for sharp swings, real estate prices often experience a steadier, more gradual increase, solidifying its position as a cornerstone for a portfolio built to withstand various economic climates.

However, a closer look reveals significant regional disparities, even within areas marked by substantial growth. This diverse landscape sparks a crucial question for investors: where and in what should they place their trust? Property investment companies step in to answer this very question. These experts dedicate themselves to pinpointing markets with strong economic foundations and conducting meticulous due diligence to minimize development risks.

Understanding the complexities of this ever-evolving field can be challenging. To assist you in navigating this dynamic landscape, we have compiled a curated list of the world’s best property investment companies. This list is meticulously ranked based on their proven track record, impressive performance, and in-depth expertise, ultimately empowering you to make informed investment decisions.

What to look for in an international property investment company?

The most important thing to look for with a property investment company is one that is responsible, has a strong track record of delivery and a global reach.

Seeking a company with a global presence: Avoid local small-scale developers if you can, as they’re often restricted to their local market and may lack flexibility during economic shifts. These might be suitable for individual purchases, but remember: property shines as a diversifier! For long-term stability, aim to build an international portfolio across various markets.

Real estate agencies are useful for property searches, but there’s a caveat: when purchasing off-plan, their legal responsibilities often cease after the exchange, not upon development completion. This poses a risk, particularly for international investors unfamiliar with the market or developer. It’s advisable to opt for reputable large agencies with international credibility to mitigate such risks.

Managing property can entail significant administrative burdens, including legalities, furnishing, and ongoing tenant management. Therefore, selecting a comprehensive management and lettings company is crucial. Despite potential initial challenges, if your medium to long term rental yield covers your mortgage and management fees, any short-term negative cash flow will be significantly offset by long-term capital growth, making the investment worthwhile.

This leads us to the final question, what are the top companies to buy international property from?

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1. IP Global

Established in 2005, IP Global offers its international investors a distinct approach to investing in residential buy-to-let apartments. They secure investment properties across the globe and guide you through the entire journey, from property selection to mortgage assistance, construction oversight, and handover. They even have partners who manage the rental process upon completion all the way through to re-sale when you’re ready to exit.

Unlike real estate agencies, IP Global prioritizes long-term partnerships with its clients through their innovative underwrite model. This model offers an acquisition guarantee to developers, ensuring the purchase of any unsold units. This bulk-buying approach grants them leverage during price negotiations, translating to better value properties passed directly to their clients.

Their financial commitment ensures they are quite conservative in terms of their yield and growth forecasts and do exhaustive due diligence on developers. This minimizes potential issues for you, especially as an international investor navigating a complex process. Instead of simply offering “bells and whistles”, their approach often secures better, more reliable investments at market value. This is echoed by their level of repeat business, over 50% of their 6000+ properties have been bought by repeat investors.

In terms of global reach, they’ve brought over USD 3 billion worth of properties to market across 18 countries and 45 cities. Ready to explore their latest offerings? Download their 2024 property portfolio or schedule a free consultation to start your international property journey with confidence.

CBRE office in Los Angeles, California, USA, on May 28, 2023. CBRE Group, Inc. is an American commercial real estate services and investment firm. CBRE office in Los Angeles, California, USA


CBRE, also known as CBRE Group, Inc., stands as a prominent global provider of a wide range of commercial real estate solutions. Primarily, CBRE facilitates transactions involving the buying, selling, leasing, and management of various commercial properties, including offices, retail spaces, and industrial facilities. Acting as intermediaries, they connect property owners with potential buyers, tenants, and investors, leveraging their extensive network and market knowledge to secure favorable deals.

In addition to transactional services, CBRE offers comprehensive property management solutions for commercial real estate assets. This includes overseeing day-to-day operations, maintenance tasks, and tenant relations, ensuring that properties are well-maintained, rents are collected efficiently, and overall financial performance is optimized.

CBRE’s consulting and advisory services are highly esteemed in the commercial real estate sector. They provide strategic guidance to corporate clients, aiding them in developing real estate strategies aligned with their business goals. This encompasses workplace solutions, portfolio optimization, and in-depth analysis of market trends and opportunities. CBRE’s expertise in advising clients on intricate real estate decisions establishes them as trusted advisors in the commercial real estate landscape.

Overall, CBRE’s comprehensive service offerings and global presence position them as a preferred choice for businesses, investors, and property owners seeking expertise and assistance in navigating the complexities of the commercial real estate market. More information can be found on CBRE’s website.

San Jose, California, United States - July 05, 2019: Facade with sign and logo at office of real estate company Newmark Knight Frank in the Silicon Valley, San Jose, California, July 5, 2019 Newmark Knight Frank

3. Knight Frank

Knight Frank stands as a renowned and esteemed figure in the real estate sector, offering a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet your investment requirements. With a legacy spanning more than a century, they boast a long-standing history of delivering excellence. Recognized as a leading global real estate consultancy, Knight Frank has earned the confidence of investors and clientele worldwide.

The extensive global network of Knight Frank grants access to a diverse array of investment opportunities, primarily focusing on luxury residential properties, commercial real estate, and prime rural estates. What distinguishes Knight Frank is their profound market expertise and robust research capabilities. Their team of experts furnishes valuable insights and data-driven analyses to guide your investment strategies.

For more detailed information, visit Knight Frank’s comprehensive website linked here.

JLL office in Brisbane

4. JLL

JLL, formally known as Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated, operates as a prominent global real estate agency. In addition to facilitating property transactions, JLL offers a broad spectrum of real estate-related services, encompassing leasing, property management, investment management, valuation, and advisory services.

Serving clients across diverse sectors such as commercial, residential, and industrial real estate, JLL boasts a widespread global presence, with offices spanning multiple countries worldwide. Renowned for its extensive expertise and market insights, JLL stands as one of the largest and most reputable real estate services firms globally.

Explore JLL’s comprehensive range of services here.

Property For Sale in London advertising a residential property for sale on a street of Victorian terraced houses in South London.

5. Savills

Choosing Savills as your real estate partner offers a myriad of advantages when considering property purchases. With a legacy dating back to 1855, Savills has established itself as a trusted and esteemed name in the industry.

Savills’ extensive global network of offices grants you access to a diverse portfolio of properties, spanning residential, commercial, and rural real estate options, both domestically and internationally.

Driven by ethical and sustainable practices, Savills appeals to clients seeking responsible property investment opportunities. Leveraging innovative technology, Savills enhances the buying experience with digital tools and platforms that streamline property searches and transactions. Additionally, their renowned market insights and research ensure access to valuable data and analysis for making well-informed decisions.

Discover more about Savills by clicking here.


1. Economic Vitality: Seek regions with a robust economic outlook, characterized by rising incomes, which drive both rental yields and capital appreciation. Look for areas with established corporations and employment opportunities, as well as proximity to quality educational institutions.

2. Finding the Value: Up-and-coming areas often present opportunities for value appreciation. Identify locations with ongoing regeneration projects that were previously overlooked but are showing green shoots of popularity. Furthermore, purchasing properties off-plan through agents and developers can often provide access to lower price points.

3. Supply-Demand Dynamics: Analyze population trends to ensure a growing demand for housing. Assess housing supply levels to find potential shortages using data from reputable sources like the Office for National Statistics (ONS) -this supports long-term price appreciation.

4. Legal and International Accessibility: Prioritize jurisdictions with transparent legal frameworks, clear ownership rights, and accessibility to international mortgages. Ensure tax efficiency and ease of international transactions to facilitate seamless investment processes.

5. Developer Evaluation: Verify the developer’s track record and conduct thorough due diligence to ensure adherence to specifications. For international investors, examine CGIs and finished products on Google Maps to confirm consistency, particularly if unable to visit in person.

1. Generating consistent rental income is a key benefit of property investment, often outperforming dividends from other investments.

2. Additionally, strategic tax planning can capitalize on unique tax advantages not available in other investment avenues, enhancing the potential of your capital.

3. Leveraging property through mortgages allows for higher returns compared to other investment classes.

4. Moreover, property investment offers promising opportunities for capital growth in stable markets over the medium-to-long term, making it a valuable addition to any investment portfolio.

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