Manchester is identified by overseas investors as a source of strong investment opportunity, and major strategic development only increases interest.  The birthplace of the modern industrial world, in recent years the city has diversified beyond its historic moniker of ‘Warehouse City’ to become the beating heart of the Northern Powerhouse. Set to welcome 170,000 new residents by 2039, Birmingham house prices are forecast to rise by 24% in the next four years according to recent data released in 2022. This vibrant, cosmopolitan city has experienced rapid growth in recent years, fuelling increased investment potential. Meanwhile, Liverpool’s economy is booming, and the city is truly becoming the next Northern Powerhouse hotspot. People are drawn to living in Liverpool as it’s a vibrant city with unique attractions, exciting events, world-class sports offerings, and unrivalled musical heritage.
As you would expect, our regional cities developments are located within the key Northern Powerhouse cities of Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham. Similar to our Berlin portfolio, our UK Regional Cities portfolio is extremely diverse, ranging from office to residential conversions, to purpose-built development to city centre warehouse conversions. Currently, we’re expanding our reach to nearby the cities of Sheffield, Stockport and Wigan.
Our UK Regional Cities successes:

  • 61.5% of our tenants have renewed with us after their initial tenancy- the highest in our global portfolio
  • Our average tenancy length is 11 months
  • Our current occupancy rate is 99%
  • 101% Rents vs. Cashflow for our clients
  • Average rental yield of 5.02%



If you would like to find out more information about our services in Manchester, Liverpool or Birmingham and how we can support you, please contact our Manchester office by calling the team on +44 (0)161 348 7299.