Z is for Zeitgeist | 2nd Edition for 2018

The Complete Zeitgeist 2018 |

Literally translating to the spirit of now, this zeitgeist has been produced to give you an idea of some key thoughts, considerations and concepts in real estate investment and residential asset management and a flavour of the present market, it’s challenges and opportunities, along with a little know-how. It reflects the now, with some subtle questions pertaining to the future. With everything from mortgages to furnishing, tax and changes in legislation, its a handy companion for real estate investors.

It is a creative, insightful and thought-provoking collection of concepts in residential real estate investment and management of your properties, providing an A-Z of all things real estate in the spirit of now.

Complete Prime Residential

The Complete Zeitgeist 2018 has been compiled by leading global residential asset investment specialists Complete Prime Residential. Operating across thirteen global markets and with offices in Hong Kong, London, Manchester, Berlin, Liverpool and Birmingham, Complete are the leading partner for UK and overseas landlords and investors who spread the complexities of managing their international residential investment asset portfolios.

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