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It is important to note that you are putting the lives of your tenants and their guests at risk from carbon monoxide poisoning or potential explosions if you fail to carry out annual gas safety checks.

Laws enforced under the Gas Safety Regulations in 1998 outline that properties with gas appliances, or even just a gas meter, must have a valid gas safety certificate in place. Certificates must be renewed on an annual basis and the landlord/managing agent is responsible for ensuring the check is completed. This inspection has to be conducted by a Gas Safe Registered engineer and they will ensure that all gas appliances and flues in the property are safe to be used and pose no risk to your tenants.  You can find a qualified engineer at the following website:

Non-compliance with this regulation carries heavy penalties which can range from a £6,000 fine to imprisonment. In the most serious cases can even carry a manslaughter charge, if death is caused by unsafe and unchecked appliances.

All tenants must be provided with a copy of the certificate upon move in and existing tenants must receive a copy within 28 days of the check. Landlords must keep a record of the certificate for at least 2 years from completion.

An amendment to the original law made in 2018 means a new check can be completed up to 2 months before the existing record expires and the new certificate will retain the existing expiry date. This is to overcome any potential difficulties with arranging access with tenants.

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