The Complete Zeitgeist 2019 | F is for Furnishing

The contrast between furnishing and not furnishing an investment property is a common one. Both have pro’s and con’s and indeed in some markets, tenants expect a property to be furnished.

Whilst there are no particular requirements to let properties on a furnished basis, doing so generally improves chances of finding suitable tenants within shorter timeframes. Although it was worth bearing in mind with tenants who are moving into unfurnished properties tend to stay for longer periods.

 There are a few things that should be considered:

  • In furnished properties, sofas, chairs and other soft furnishings must comply with specific fire safety regulations and guidelines and bear the Safety standard mark. More information about Furniture and Furnishing (Fire Safety) Regulations can be found here.
  • Contents insurance is advisable as the costs of replacing some items can be significant, although this is not an obligation.
  • Keeping it fresh is also important and it’s advisable to consider updating and replacing furnishings during the lifetime of the investment.

Furniture packs geared towards buy-to-let properties are often an easy and economical means to furnish the property. If you are looking to sell your investment property, it may also be valuable to consider furnishing your property to attract offers.

 The Complete Zeitgeist 2019

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