Royal Victoria Residence | A Quick Visit

Royal Victoria Residence | An Update on the Development

Having a walk around Royal Victoria on a regular basis, as I hang out at the Regatta Centre a little further up the docks, you can really see and feel the change.

I lived here when I first moved to London, and short of a couple of new developments, a Tesco and a restaurant, there wasn’t that much around and so it was always better to travel over to Greenwich, Canning Town or into the city for everything.

But…that has all changed. I was pleased to see that in addition to the multitude of residential developments dotted across the docks here and there as well as the Royal Victoria Residence, there is a new floating hotel, an abundance of restaurants and bars, including the Oiler Bar, which is a converted 1930’s navy refueling boat a quaint coffee bar and even a converted London bus. Brilliant! This is going to be a real neighbourhood. During the summer, Royal Victoria plays host to a “beach” and there are water sports activities happening along the Victoria Dock, which is also fun. Take into account the construction of City Island, and the Asian Business Port redevelopment at Royal Albert Dock and this will soon be an absolute hive of activity for those living, working, or just visiting the area.

Progress on site itself is great. Scaffolding is coming down and revealing that striking cladding and the glass fronted balconies giving a real sense of how the place will look once it’s all completed. It was busy with workmen on each and every floor as far as I could see and certainly a lot of activity.

March is set for the completion date, and I am really looking forward to popping into the development and having a look at the apartments a little nearer the time.

In the meantime, here a few photos of what’s happening and what’s around.

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