A Complete Guide to Living in Berlin

Moving to Berlin or looking for a new rental property in Berlin? Here are some tips to help you settle into one Europe’s hippest capitals, including renting conditions and where to live in Berlin. If you’re planning a move to Berlin, you will find that very few other European cities have quite so much variety to offer residents as Germany’s hip capital. One glance in city you’ll take in modern skyscrapers, and the next a quite leafy street that seems it has aged in a hundred years, before bursting upon bright murals in an arty quarter.

In comparison to other global cities like London, Paris, New York or Tokyo, Berlin is a haven of open green spaces, quite suburbs and affordable housing which are all in close proximity to the city centre. Getting around the city couldn’t be easier, many of the city’s main employment hubs and attractions are all within walking distance or can be accessed by bicycle – this has meant that owning a car is a matter of choice, not a necessity.  After a turbulent 20th century, the city is reinventing itself as an exciting, innovative, modern capital and is now an appealing destination for not only entrepreneurs, but students and expats alike.

Where to live in Berlin?

Berlin is divided into 12 official districts which are most made up from several neighbourhoods. At Complete we have a number of developments located across the city in a number of key districts including Neukolln, Friedrichshain and Mitte.

The district of Neukolln is one of Berlin’s trendiest districts which is full of organic cafes and art galleries. Neukolln is home to both our KODA and Richard Quartier developments, which have proven extremely popular with tenants in Berlin. Residents of Neukolln will be able dine at many of the areas popular restaurants including Mama Cook Restaurant or EINS44. Located next to Tempelhof, the Schillerkiez – a residential grid based around the leafy Schillerpromenade – is where you’ll find Neukölln’s best cafés.

Artistically chic, lively, and as its name suggests, central, Mitte is certainly in the “middle” of everything. With its mix of renovated buildings, sky-scraping murals, and abandoned store fronts, Mitte is proudly, boldly, and uniquely Berlin. Diverse goals and individuals converge in Mitte, the neighbourhood known as Berlin’s beating heart.

Excitingly, our Gartenhaus development is close to one of the city’s largest redevelopment and regeneration projects, Europacity is under construction to bring an entirely new quarter to Berlin, with a number of residential, commercial, retail and leisure facilities to Mitte.

Complete Prime Residential in Berlin

We have been operating in Berlin since 2017, and during this time the team have been working on behalf of their mainly international investor clients for a number of different key rental developments across Berlin. Over the coming months, we have number of key new developments which will be completing in various locations across Berlin including Charlottenburg and Wilmersdorf, which include: KonstanzerKuStrasseThe AlfredHaus Brandenburg and Stralauer Allee.

If you would like to find out about the properties we currently have available in Berlin, please contact the team on +49 3094 866863 or by clicking here.

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