Berlin’s Developing Rental Market Benefits from The Complete Difference

Berlin’s Developing Rental Market Benefits from The Complete Difference

Leading global residential investment asset specialist Complete Prime Residential continue to deliver on its plans for expansion into one of Europe’s booming real estate investment markets, launching a new office in Berlin.

With a firm footing in thirteen markets globally and already four offices in Manchester, London, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur, Complete Ltd manage more than a thousand properties across 13 markets globally, with a total of $0.8bn in assets under management. With some of the best occupancy, pre-let and rental yield rates within the market, Complete are the leading partner for investors and overseas landlords who spread the complexities of management of their residential investment assets across international markets.

Our business is in a unique position and delivers exceptional results for clients” confirms Lee Ashley, Managing Director at Complete based in London. “We have ambitious growth plans over the coming months and years, and expanding our reach to Berlin is just one of those plans.

In real estate terms, Berlin’s story is very similar to other popular target markets such as London, Manchester, and Melbourne: intrinsic undersupply in the face of continuing demand growth. New construction in Berlin is lower than in any of Germany’s other major cities, and with population growth driving housing demand, prices are responding as expected. Average yields and growth for investments in Berlin continue to rise.

Driving the project in Berlin, Anna Langford, Global Operations Director said:

We are seeing an increasing number of clients very keen to invest in Berlin and want to take advantage of Complete’s unique position as a real estate investment asset specialist, particularly with overseas landlords and international portfolios. Whilst the rental market in Berlin is evolving, with a number of nuances against other markets, our offering ensures effective lettings and management of their assets whilst providing on the ground experts in the local market.

A significant proportion of the tenant profile in Berlin is made up of professionals relocating to Berlin and used to a more evolved offering within the private rented sector. Our offering to tenants demystifies the local market and provides exceptional homes through a secure, streamlined process that many are accustomed to.

Complete open up operations in Berlin with the launch of Richard Quartier in Berlin’s Neukolln area.

Just a short walk from the village green, the development offers spacious one-bedroomed apartments in this sympathetic, listed building conversion.


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